Mistress, where is it she belongs?

Mistress, who are these women and why do they take the role to be the other woman?

Mistress is woman who indiscreetly engaging in a sexual relationship with a married man. They choose this life regardless of how morally ill they become in the society and in the eyes of people and God. They opt to remain mistress who is emphatically known to be as a home-wrecker.

There are numerous reason why a certain woman fall by the way side, one of  these conceivable reason usually shell out  from money or financial stability. Normally the feelings or love emotion just follow. Mistress prefers a man with great funds thus, make light of the physical looks nor the age disparity. They continually submit to a married man to have sexual relation to be generally benefited nor to received material  support.

The mere fact a woman was trapped in this condition because the man she is having relationship with happened to be highly reputable. Someone who is eventually distinct in the society which impede him not to break his vow  nor to denounce his current marriage. The increasing number of mistresses were subjected to be noticed, it is definitely rooted from man’s decision whom he choose to protect his marriage and his name and not in favor of his mistress. This conclude that the man first priority is still set forth  to the legal wife.

Unfortunately those circumstances creates a lesser opportunity for the mistress to be legalize tending them to temporarily to a long-term sharing with someone else’s man. They share with the legal wife, the time, love and affection which should be only fully bestow to the legal wife and legal family. Every mistress is like a thief stealing  the moment that should be spent only by the man to his legal family. Most of the time a mistress got a liberated mind, they already accepted their fate and their status with the man.

As the both parties agreeing with this type of relationship. The mistress know the full truth that she will never own the man completely that one day the man will goes home, this factors made her live in isolation, secrecy and possible a lifetime second choice, an other woman, or a  mistress.