Hot Tub Issues

Do you own a hot tub or spa at home? Things to take in consideration in owing a hot tub or spa, the safety measure to observed, care and maintenance.

Never let children to used hot tub without adult supervision. Don’t enter the tub if you’re dirty with dust, sand or any particles that can affect the filter which can cause the drainage system to be clogged. If you got open wounds you are not advisable to enter the tub, for the hot tub can be an easy medium in spreading the bacteria and accumulating the infection specially if the tub is not properly maintained and sanitized. In setting the tub always keep the hot tub water temperature no higher than 104°F. When it’s higher than the recommended it can cause undue strain on the cardiovascular system. Never jump or dive into the hot tub. Don’t used the hot tub during bad weathers, such as storm and tornadoes. Don’t open the electrical box when there is no provided user serviceable parts inside. Don’t use the spa without drain cover.

Hydrotherapy, or warm water therapy in hot tub spas is one of the best and ideal hot tub can offer. It has healing process and therapeutic therapy that can help you relax your joint or muscle pain. It can promotes more deep and sound sleeps. Help reduce stress. Habitual user of hot tub can increase blood flow to the injured, tired and affected area bringing nutrients to help repair the damage. It’s said warm water hydrotherapy can cure arthritis, headache, tension, even diabetes can be controlled when the person take at least 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week for it is concluded that hot tub lowers blood pressure and blood sugar level.

Hot tub sex is consider not a safe sex as many other misconception about this method. It is true that 30 minutes soaking in the hot tub may slightly lower the sperm count, but it doesn’t decrease the possibility of fertilizing an egg. At a lower sperm count man can still ejaculate 200 to 500 healthy sperm whilst it would only take one sperm to fertilized an egg. Using condom at hot tub can not prevent the spread of sexually transmitted disease for condom can rupture due to the water temperature or might slip from the man unknowingly. In other words water sex is not the answer to prevent from having unwanted pregnancies. For whether it’s in hot tub nothing can kill sperm and prevent it from aiming to the vagina.

I have this article can resolve your hot tub issues. Have fun and be safe at the tub!