Kathy Perry Contorversial duet with Elmo

kathy Perry got more attention and received numerous critical and angry feedback from the parents who had watched the 21 season episode of Sesame Street releasing the teaser clips which also feature other artist like Jude Law, Will.i.am, Colin Farrell, and Run-DMC’s Reverend Run.

Kathy two-and-half- video duet with Elmo, is their collaboration of the 2008 hit “Hot and Cold”. Parents find Kathy’s outfit inappropriate for the show which catered young children ages 6 years old and below. The clip become huge Last Monday on Youtube and parents can’t help but to leave unwanted and perilous comments regarding her worn outfit.

Eventually Kathy is wearing a see-through body mesh up to her neck. Too bad she become a bit careless of what she wears then, how I wish she didn’t wear something like that. I guess it’s much better if it’s not too revealing which having too low neckline. To avoid such controversies a performer should consider to whom they will performed for. They should be careful in  what they wear and what they speak specially children are watching.