Girls behaving badly…

Ohmahgosh! Are you numb? well apparently we failed to notice initial signs we used to encounter day by day. Or like me for instance, those are signs I definitely ignore to consider.

Centuries ago, though woman display aggressiveness towards man, it become more visible and more obvious these days. Girlos are the one hitting on guys these days, such a shame. If you’re a guy and you often walk away from woman advances I’m proud of you, I whoop it up …you’re unquestionably a real tough man. Some man easily gets turn on while other don’t like girl making a first move. In other side, there are guys who absolutely left hang and leaves clueless of what a girl implying to them, forsaking  the girl unknowingly in the middle of no where.

Once someone asked for your personal contact details, your business card, your email account or any information with regards about you, this simply means that person is interested on you. ermm note it can be friendly or just for formality to justify other intention but then sooner or later its more likely leads into casual or serious relationship.

Furthermore, your humbly don’t asked for anything with any man. I never made a first move, which I’ve an aversion on that flirty act that for me it’s  licentious and self-indulgent.I don’t mind being seen as middle ages woman. I still prefer man initializing the move and giving an effort. To sum it up, I was not born and rear as cheapie nor slutish. The bottomline It’s a big turn off to firstly asked from a man, which shouldn’t be done by a decent girl.


Al mal tiempo, buena cara :)