Drunkorexia a Bad Practice.

What is Drunkorexia? Drunkorexia is a new slang term define as bad practice of starving oneself to give way for more alcohol beverages intake, which associates to woman who abuse, misuse and the overconsumption of an alcohol.

These days binge-drinking become prevalent among young people between the age of 18-24 and it’s been said that 30% of them skip food intake in order to drink more. Latter, the number of women drinkers grows into to vast volume to match the men drinkers.

The drunkorexia is not a health disorder nor it can’t be found in DSM-IV manual.This bad behavior is often displayed by women and can be observed mostly from students within the Universities, colleges, high and low schools.

Typically women who wanted to achieved perfection suffer drunkorexia. These are young adults who want to keep up with the standard set by popular culture whom shockingly inconsiderate thought out of putting their health at stake in order to look presentable during their drinking session and catch attention of the crowd. Normally drunkorexia end up with eating disorder in the long run.

According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism confirms that aside from the weight factors, gender is also another factor; it states that a woman drinker might become impaired compare with man whose drinking the same alcohol content and amount. It demonstrates that a woman body is capable of holding less water content than of man does. The results in women tends to get drunk easily than man.

Drunkorexia is not keeping yourself  fit and fab because the more you plunge into it, the more you’re throwing your life into waste. Drunkorexics falls into alcoholism and addiction it should be treated properly and needs to be disciplined.