Necrophilia Unresisted Sex

Necrophilia is an act of sexual intercourse with the corpse. In which a certain person express a sexual attraction to a dead or get stimulation or sexual arousal. This behavior was classified as paraphilia under the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders of the American Psychiatric Association.

The word was derived from the ancient Greek words νεκρός (nekros; “dead”) and φιλία (philia; “love”). Necrophilia appears to have originated from Krafft-Ebing’s 1886 work Psychopathia Sexualis.

According to the review in 1989 by Rosman and Resnick out of 34 cases of necrophila displaying their motivation for this eccentric behavior, large percentage of them reported to have the desire to possess an unresisting and unrejecting partner, while others demonstrates a reunion with romantic partner, sexual attraction to corpse, overcoming feeling of isolation, seeking self-esteem by overpowering the homicide body or the victim, and comfort.

This act was manifested during ancient times, it was found in book written by Herodotus discouraging sexual intercourse with the corpse. In countries like Egypt, the corpse of beautiful lady or a wife of distinguished man are normally kept the body for 3-4 days before giving it into embalmer just as a  right time to protect the corpse from being used. In Myanmar wherein the Kochin societies believe that a soul of unmarried woman will not laid to rest unless a wedding ceremony will be held which involved the sexual intercourse. This similar practice is also observed in some pre-modem Central Europe societies when the engaged woman died before married the spouse to has to make love with the corpse in order to set the soul of the dead at peace.

Now a days, necrophiles often occur within the morgue, mostly between the embalmer and dead. Some necrophiles would drastically become violent and even had commit murder in order to obtain the body of the victim. This people love to dominate though not all of them display sadist behavior for sometimes they often look normal like everybody else.Thus, most of this cases done in secrecy.

This is a form of abuse and a violence of human rights whether the person is dead or not. The corpse should be handled properly and with due respect. Sufferers of necrophilia is susceptible of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases. The body of their client is not safe medium for it might be a carrier of infection and other fatal diseases. Necrophiles are not in good mental health and they should be treated. They will undergone series of cognitive therapy. They’ll be given medications to balance their sex-drive and help them improve their social and sexual relation with others.


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