Lady Godiva Syndrome

Apodysophilia or Lady Godiva syndrome is known to be a psychological compulsion disorder for flashing or exposure. It is a behavior displayed by a person who deliberately involves in exposure of private parts in public and feel good about it. This action doesn’t really fall into full intent of attracting others or stimulating others sexually but it will lead there as well.

Lady Godiva was derived from the legend when an Anglo-Saxon noblewoman named, Godiva (or Godgifu) (fl. 1040-1080) rode naked through the streets of Coventry, England. For she oppose her husband oppressive toll imposed to the tenant and she is doing that to persuade him not to charge a heavy tax to the townspeople. By that time the only one who got a chance to watched her appears on the later version of this legend that man goes by the name Tom which was said who watched Lady Godiva ride and was struck blind. That coined the word “peeping Tom or voyeur” and the flasher as “exhibitionist”