About Me

To start with, I’m a happy and content wifey to the most wonderful man in the world, my amazing hub, my darling. I’m a healthcare provider, online marketer and a blogger. I spend my spare time writing, so I can connect to the world and express my innermost thought. I’m an average woman with high regards on morals.I’m a stay-at home, solitaire, very senti, emo and sensible but moody sometimes hehe. I simply enjoy listening to music, cooking and blogging. I value my family and my hub the most, they are the only priceless possession I have here in this world.

before: I said “I’m the woman they love-to-hate, but I wont change for anyone.what you see is what you get, take me as I am!”

now: I said ” Those days are gone, these days soon will follow, My life is complete, God is good, so Sorry haters, you can’t never pin me down.”

Ut oh! Nothing much to say here… Imho if you got something to say, say it out loud, if possible louder so the rest of the world can hear you. That is why I am here to exercise my freedom of expression and to let my silence voice to be heard through my writings. I hope that I can impart knowledge in my own lil way and make some difference.