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Friday the 13th Madness

Friday the 13th is known for it’s superstitious belief as the day of bad luck, wherein many unwanted and unexpected accident would probably bound to happened. It’s typically a fright day when Friday… Continue reading

Are You with a Gentleman?

Mild manner and finesse demonstrates Gentlemanliness in a man, this traits is becoming less visible these days compare in 19th century. Seeing it in general view, men are normally spontaneous, rough and ragged… Continue reading

International Friendship Day

The annual celebration of International Friendship Day is held during the First Sunday on every month of August whilst it takes place during the third Sunday of the same Month in other countries.… Continue reading

Sir, I Want to Marry your Daughter

Given this privilege I want to share to you all a very short but interesting story about the two lovers who were very eager to tie a knot. The couple namely Blake and… Continue reading

Infidelity (Cheating) Common Cause of Separation

You’ll be cut like a knife once you found out that your spouse or your lover is having sex with another. This is unacceptable both socially and morally. It can brought a tremendous… Continue reading

I Bang The Keys

Human resemble like computer although we are not technically programmed for we can function on our own. There are various keys and buttons we often press, strike,¬† hit, bang or slam¬† that correlate… Continue reading

Edible Gold: It Looks Good To Kill

  Food with edible 23kt gold content is exclusively serve in the best and well-known eating house like luncheon and ristorante in Europe, US and some countries in East and South Asia, Japan… Continue reading

Opportunity(Kairos) an excerpt

Kairos( opportunity) was an ancient literary written long time ago. The kairos (opportunity) statue was made by Greek sculptor Lysippos based on his personal theme, using symbolism and personification he doesn’t use model… Continue reading

Writing Therapy: Health Benefits

Some of us are normally loud and outspoken while others are typically silent and selective careful of every thoughts they shared. There are times we felt our heart and mind is about to… Continue reading