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Does An Expired Poison Can Still Poisoned?

It is mandatory for every companies or manufacturer not to fail to indicate the manufacturing date ( Sell by xx/xx/xx) and the expiration date ( Best if is used by xx/xx/xx) of every… Continue reading

Anger:What Happened When You Get Angry?

What is Anger? Is a burst or sudden strong emotional state that is naturally common to every human and non-human (animals) which is uncontrollable at times that could range from mild irritation to… Continue reading

Common Sense, Innate or learned?

Common sense defines as a manner of exhibiting a plain ordinary judgment or sound practical sense in perceiving the situation or facts. It does not correlate with what other people think or feel.… Continue reading

Swat Plagiarism: Be a Responsible Writer

copyright:”photo © Plagiarism is a form of stealing a piece of another work content and copying another original thought and idea to be accredit as your authorship. It derives from the latin… Continue reading

Sunburn-itchy-achy-ugly burn unto the skin, helpful remedies

Summer is really fun. It’s the warmest season of the year. This is the best time for us to go basking in the sun, swimming in the beach, go fishing, mountain biking, gardening… Continue reading

Are you Narcissist? Find out how much self-love and obsessed you are

Narcissist or self-love is a personality disorder, it is an abnormal excessive admiration or love with oneself. This can be characterize as self obsession. The term narcissistic is derived from an ancient Greek… Continue reading

Hug-a-Tree: The Benefits we can get from hugging a tree

“Trees are the kindest things I know, They do no harm, they simply grow…” We had grew up with numerous poems imprinted into our minds regarding the kindest nature of the trees. Trees… Continue reading

Tickle: Relief or Torture?

The Facts That You Should Know: Tickling could be fun and alleviating. It can relieve stressy feelings as well as make you forget about your worries for a while, turn your blues away… Continue reading

exhibitionism: shameless self exposure

Exhibitionism is colloquially referred to flashing, the act or practice of deliberate behavior or sexual perversion displaying his private parts so as to attract attention in order to be sexually gratified. It’s the… Continue reading