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Tongue power: Don’t just stick it out

The Facts That You Should Know: Tongue is the “most powerful voluntary muscle” we have in our body, while the heart is the most powerful involuntary muscle. Tongue is responsible for one’s speech,… Continue reading

Key to Fight Stress: Have you been so stress out lately?

Do you know that being exposed constantly or monotonously on the same thing or same place can cause you stress? but these were often times inevitable for most of us deals a routinary… Continue reading

Make Everyday A Free-Hug Day

Have you heard about Hug Therapy or Free Hug? “hug therapy” is a term believed to be made popular by Kathleen Keating because of her book called Hug Therapy that she wrote in… Continue reading

The “art of sensual massage”

The Facts that you should know: Sensual massage is the use of technique to achieve or stimulate sexual arousal. It strengthen the bond of couples, promotes intimacy and closeness and it’s very romantic.… Continue reading

Face The Facts: Have you wonder why your left and right profile is not symmetrical?

The Facts That You Should know: That our right and left profile is not symmetrical try to look and examine closely and pay attentions to the details. It’s evidently shows that our very… Continue reading

Equal Money For All is a Crap!

Equal Money System for all is a crap, it’s  not the answer to all the sufferings in this world. This ain’t the solution to feed those hungry mouths, uplift the standard of those… Continue reading

Pitbull “bloody sports” brutal dog fighting

Think of how many innocent lives of poor dogs were thrown into waste, brutally fighting for their life keeping the line, pay dirt in the death match-up for those hungry bastards.These poor dogs… Continue reading