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BEHEMOTH Frontman Battling Leukemia, needs URGENT Donor

Behemoth publicly announced a couple of days ago a sad news that their frontman guitarist/vocalist Adam Darski aka Nergal is battling with Leukemia and it’s not a good news for all metallers out… Continue reading

Sleeping Naked

Your body is your territory and your room is your privacy. Sleeping naked is one’s conviction and personal choice. It doesn’t matter if you wear much, less or no clothes at all as… Continue reading

Hoarder: Living in a junkheap

I’m pretty sure you heard alot about hoarders these days, numbers of hoarders voluntarily came ouf of their shell through the means of TV appearances, tabloids and internet which brought their condition discussed… Continue reading

Drag queen: form of expression

What is a drag queen? It’s a man typically acts or clothe like of woman representation often for the purpose of entertainment. Some drag artist done that for professional, art and for other… Continue reading

Churrasco: sizzling Brazilian BBQ

Churrasco ( shoo-RAS-koo) or Brazilian BBQ, was over 400 years of traditional method of cooking meat introduce by the ga├║chos or cowboys of Southern or Sul region before it was brought known to… Continue reading

AIDS trivia

What is AIDS HIV virus confirmed to be originated from non-human primates in Sub-Saharan Africa. The transmission between animals and human of viral mutation is known as zoonosis. The human acquisition of AIDS… Continue reading

Cookies and Cream shake hooray!

Want to get delighted with the enticing creamyfull-milkylicious soothing satisfying taste? That’s Cookies and Creme shake can offer, it’s an ice-cream, cookies and milkshake flavour all-in-one. It’s quick and easy to prepare refreshment.… Continue reading

Copycat: Who’s that girl?

Stealing Your Identity. Have you ever had an experience that someone …walk like you do? …talk like you do? …dress like you do? eeksie what an insult, certainly it’s a mixed emotion you’ll… Continue reading

What if you only got…One day to live

If you only got one day left, I’m sure you will go gaga over it. Ya’ll get Shock… Desperately lost … Cry a river… Freaky mad… But wait, at least you’re luckier than… Continue reading