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Edible Gold: It Looks Good To Kill

  Food with edible 23kt gold content is exclusively serve in the best and well-known eating house like luncheon and ristorante in Europe, US and some countries in East and South Asia, Japan… Continue reading

Opportunity(Kairos) an excerpt

Kairos( opportunity) was an ancient literary written long time ago. The kairos (opportunity) statue was made by Greek sculptor Lysippos based on his personal theme, using symbolism and personification he doesn’t use model… Continue reading

Writing Therapy: Health Benefits

Some of us are normally loud and outspoken while others are typically silent and selective careful of every thoughts they shared. There are times we felt our heart and mind is about to… Continue reading

Shotgun Marriage: An Involuntary Spouse

Imagine, how would you feel when you woke up and a gun is pointing unto you commanding you to surrender your honor by marrying his daughter? ermm oh your whole world will fell… Continue reading

Laughter Yoga: Health Benefits

We all know that laughter is a best medicine or rather the cheapest medicine we can afford anytime. “Laughter doesn’t expires but rather it inspire more people to feel good inside. Laughter doesn’t… Continue reading

Why Pinching is Bad?

Every time we see or feel anything so incredibly appealing to us like so cute or very irresistible we can’t help but to express outward and often exaggerated reactions towards that thing. Apparently… Continue reading

Sexy without being naked: truism sexy

Sexiness basically define as the highly appealing, interesting or attractive having the quality or condition of being sensual, amorous tending to arouse sexual desire. This often times varies greatly on every individual. Pretty… Continue reading

Ceviche with Mango: Zesty Summer Treat!

Ceviche is a raw fish marinated in citrus like lime or lemon juice with olive oil and spices and served as an appetizer. [seh-VEE-chee; seh-VEE-cheh; seh-VEESH] is an appetizer popular in Latin America… Continue reading

Despicable Me: 3D-Animation Cartoons

Universal’s first 3D-animated movie, which is very fun 3D cartoon about  the world greatest super-villain who run after the three young orphans. This adapt more of Pixar cartoons and Pixars principle to inhabits… Continue reading