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Second Chance, when do we asked for it?

How many times do we need to utter earnestly with our finger crossed, knees bend while wholeheartedly hoping that heaven will listen and give an answer. Even shouting from the top of your… Continue reading

Kiss Me, In different Languages

Kiss me Afrikaans= soen my Albanian= p uth mua Belarusian= пацалунак мяне Bulgarian= Целуни ме Catalan= besa’m Czech= polib mě Danish= kys mig Dutch= Kus me Estonian= suudle mind Filipino= Halik mo ko… Continue reading


What is JaguaTattoo? is a form of tattoo like Henna, it’s one of tattoo’s ideas look like as a permanent tattoo. The gel is made from a Jagua fruit called Genipa Americana which comes… Continue reading

Equal Money For All is a Crap!

Equal Money System for all is a crap, it’s  not the answer to all the sufferings in this world. This ain’t the solution to feed those hungry mouths, uplift the standard of those… Continue reading

Real Friends, Who Your Real Friends Are?

  Oh one day, I just thought that everything is still the same, and some good things might last, but then I figure it out a little bit late. That nothing last forever… Continue reading

Virgins, Are all Virgins, pure?

Are All Virgins, pure? who does care right? nowadays only few women preserves their virginity, they basically see no importance anymore in keeping it for long and for them “nobody dies a virgin,… Continue reading