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The Silliest Things Atheist Say or Do

Atheist– as we all know they are basically based on scientific explanation for every phenomena, they reject the existence of God and any no deities or “without gods”. with the spread of free… Continue reading

OMG Atheist

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Jesus vs Satan an Excerpt

A very special thanks to the maker of the Jesus vs Satan (Animation) you did are great job guys! also to my dearly loved brother Goodrich for helping me out in putting it… Continue reading

God Exist, God Existence is Unfeigned Part 3

The God is Delusion is the book authored by British biologist Richard Dawkins, this book contain malicious attack to God and other religion. It states about the “personal god” qualifies as a delusion… Continue reading

God Exist, God Existence is Unfeigned Part 2- Christianity vs Atheism

Stay deaf, mute and blind, it in one corner and shut the whole time. I can’t take it anymore. This matter is delicate and I mean nothing personal, I ain’t a vindicating from… Continue reading

God Exist, God Existence is Unfeigned Part 1- Christianity vs Atheism

God is a supernatural being that created the universe and all of it’s magnitude creative details that is known to all mankind. As the years move forward people begun to doubt God existence,… Continue reading

Guardian Angels, Who is my Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel– a messenger of God, it’s the angelĀ  assigned for a particular person to protect, guide and guard, the concept of tutelary angels and their hierarchy was extensively developed in Christianity in… Continue reading