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Tracking down Pedophile

It’s a psychological disorder in which an adult or older adolescent is sexually attracted to or has a sexual preference for prepubescent children. Is form of paraphilia in which gives an intense sexual… Continue reading

What is Voyeurism

Voyeurs are popularly known as peeping toms. In clinical psychology, voyeurism is the sexual interest in or practice of habitual spying on people engaged in intimate behaviors, such as undressing, sexual activity, or… Continue reading

Unmasking sluts, traits and characteristic of a sluts

Hey guys have you wonder how does the another face of slut look like? ah no not all the time they come as a sex worker or wearing skimpy clothes or heavy make-ups.… Continue reading

Sperm banking for cancer patients, for a better future

Sperm banking is advisable and encourage for those cancer patients who are adolescents and men who were about to undergone cancer treatment. Once cancer patients were exposed to many types of treatments like… Continue reading

Child Prostitution in Asia, playground of pedophile

The vast and majority of pedophile cases between foreigners and the national of the said country occurring particularly in Asia┬álike Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Nepal,Taiwan, to name a few. Foreigners don’t have to… Continue reading

Wife Sharing

Wife sharing is circulating within the marital relationship in some communities in Canada, USA, Japan and other parts of Europe. It can happen between a married couples who agreed to share or exchange… Continue reading

Rape among peers (acquaintance)

Parents most of the time doesn’t know what’s exactly going on to their teen’s world. This is the moment when a certain child begin to spread her wings, getting involvement externally and spending… Continue reading

Traits of a Sex Offender

1. Doing special favor or stuff with kids during their free time. 2. Most seen in groups for kids as a volunteer though he doesn’t have kids to look after in that said… Continue reading

E-Waste, danger to our health and environment

E-waste? waste materials generated from using or discarding electronics devices such as computers, TV, mobile, Cd’s, Dvd’s they are highly toxic to human, plants and animals and can contaminate air, water, environment as… Continue reading