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Pitbull “bloody sports” brutal dog fighting

Think of how many innocent lives of poor dogs were thrown into waste, brutally fighting for their life keeping the line, pay dirt in the death match-up for those hungry bastards.These poor dogs… Continue reading

Asexual, Asexual definition

Several articles I’ve read about asexuality and heard a lot of stories about it. First of all let me define their meaning of asexual, it is refers to lack of sexual organs or… Continue reading

Virgins, Are all Virgins, pure?

Are All Virgins, pure? who does care right? nowadays only few women preserves their virginity, they basically see no importance anymore in keeping it for long and for them “nobody dies a virgin,… Continue reading

Equal Money System is a Crap!, Equal Money

Is money really that matter most in this world? why money should be the hot issue? Does equal money system can snap out the world from the extreme damnation? Equal money system is… Continue reading