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Gay sex, carnality practice

Why is it AIDS is prevalent among gay community? Record studies show that homosexual or gay men have deliberately incline into multi-partnership than of those heterosexual couples. That leads into large number of… Continue reading

Mistress, where is it she belongs?

Mistress, who are these women and why do they take the role to be the other woman? Mistress is woman who indiscreetly engaging in a sexual relationship with a married man. They choose… Continue reading

Mobile Scare: Have you ever had an Encounter with the Unseen?

Have you ever felt like someone is watching you? Although we barely can’t seen them with our naked eyes the probable chance is we can sense their presence. Certainly logistic and science-based will… Continue reading

Sense of danger: Early Warnings and Signals

Do you ever felt sometimes whenever you are in unusual unsecured place you suddenly wrapped by the presence of certain cold coming from the back of your neck (nape). You felt your body… Continue reading

Ophra Winfrey New Age Church, Exposed

Ophra Winfrey host of multi-award winning self-titled show which has become the highest-rated program in the history. Seen by 15-20 million viewers each day in the U.S. in 205 national television and in… Continue reading

Artificial Life, the breakthough in modern era of Science, Religious and my views

Recently the creation of artificial life by our scientist was announced to the public led by the researcher Dr, Craig Venter, of the J Craig Venter Institute (JCVI) in Maryland and California, they… Continue reading

The Silliest Things Atheist Say or Do

Atheist– as we all know they are basically based on scientific explanation for every phenomena, they reject the existence of God and any no deities or “without gods”. with the spread of free… Continue reading

OMG Atheist

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God Exist, God Existence is Unfeigned Part 3

The God is Delusion is the book authored by British biologist Richard Dawkins, this book contain malicious attack to God and other religion. It states about the “personal god” qualifies as a delusion… Continue reading