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The “art of sensual massage”

The Facts that you should know: Sensual massage is the use of technique to achieve or stimulate sexual arousal. It strengthen the bond of couples, promotes intimacy and closeness and it’s very romantic.… Continue reading

Kiss Me, In different Languages

Kiss me Afrikaans= soen my Albanian= p uth mua Belarusian= пацалунак мяне Bulgarian= Целуни ме Catalan= besa’m Czech= polib mě Danish= kys mig Dutch= Kus me Estonian= suudle mind Filipino= Halik mo ko… Continue reading

Kissing Disease, Kiss, Epstein- Barr Virus, Mononucleosis

Epstein- Barr Virus or Mononucleosis has been called the “kissing disease” for several generations, but can be a very severe and debilitating illness for most that do develop it. It’s can be spread… Continue reading