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Mistress, where is it she belongs?

Mistress, who are these women and why do they take the role to be the other woman? Mistress is woman who indiscreetly engaging in a sexual relationship with a married man. They choose… Continue reading

Sir, I Want to Marry your Daughter

Given this privilege I want to share to you all a very short but interesting story about the two lovers who were very eager to tie a knot. The couple namely Blake and… Continue reading

Infidelity (Cheating) Common Cause of Separation

You’ll be cut like a knife once you found out that your spouse or your lover is having sex with another. This is unacceptable both socially and morally. It can brought a tremendous… Continue reading

Shotgun Marriage: An Involuntary Spouse

Imagine, how would you feel when you woke up and a gun is pointing unto you commanding you to surrender your honor by marrying his daughter? ermm oh your whole world will fell… Continue reading

Types of Relationship

1. Boyfriend and girlfriend is a person’s regular male/female companion who is in a romantically or sexually involved or committed. May or may not be a long-term commitment. Sweetheart or lover. 2. Bromance… Continue reading

Pre-nuptial Agreement, brief explanation

A prenuptial agreement, antenuptial agreement, or premarital agreement, commonly shortened to prenup or prenupt, is a legal agreement by engaged couple who’s about to entered into prior to marriage, The content of a… Continue reading