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Money is Not Everything! Trash That Dumbest Equal Money For All

This is my third time writing an article regarding this topic. Supposedly this topic is ain’t worth writing for because they aren’t big enough to be talked about. But then again no matter… Continue reading

Duckface epidemic overstated- can overkill, eeksie youchie!

Duckface epidemic is widespread and it’s also prevailing in the leading social network like Facebook, Myspace, Orkut and many more ooosh and even almost everywhere . ohmahgosh! It’s really sickening and frustrating were… Continue reading

Unmasking sluts, traits and characteristic of a sluts

Hey guys have you wonder how does the another face of slut look like? ah no not all the time they come as a sex worker or wearing skimpy clothes or heavy make-ups.… Continue reading

Facebook Glitz and Glitch

FACEBOOK is a website, very popular among college students. It was originally developed Mark Zuckerberg ( world’s youngest billionaire with 1,5 billion Dollars) is a Harvard drop out. Launched on February 2004, Mark… Continue reading

Earth Hour- 27/3/10 20:30

Earth Hour – is a global campaign aim to make a difference by turning off their lights for an hour this raise an awareness towards the need to take action on the climate… Continue reading