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Copycat: Who’s that girl?

Stealing Your Identity. Have you ever had an experience that someone …walk like you do? …talk like you do? …dress like you do? eeksie what an insult, certainly it’s a mixed emotion you’ll… Continue reading

How to Swag at the Party?

In attending to any get-together or any social gathering with bigger crowd or a social event hosted by your peers or constituents. Don’t show-off an excessive flirtatious and haughty act. Walk merely straight… Continue reading

ME-ism Disease

Are you aware that frequent usage of the word “me” probably you’re suffering from me-ism. Consider the word “me” is incapable of being shunned, showing a chief concern of the word “me” for… Continue reading

What’s Cooking?

I certainly love the kitchen, and I find as my big room for improvement. I would claim that “Kitchen is my territory”, probably because I spend pretty long years in the kitchen and… Continue reading