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Cult Warning for Parents

Teenagers are the most vulnerable to cult recruiter for it’s the transitional stage wherein they are into seeking themselves and in experimenting. They try to find life mystery and wanted to belong in… Continue reading

Sex Education Program at School, disadvantages

(April 7) — A Wisconsin district attorney is urging schools to drop their sex-education programs, warning that the teachers involved could be arrested if they follow a new state law requiring them to… Continue reading

Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD), signs and symptoms

We are in the digital Age right now, internet converge with everyone’s life. The effect of internet varies from diferent person, some are conducive and some are destructive like the Internet Addiction which… Continue reading

Sexual Addiction

Sexual Addiction is resulted from mania of hypersexuality when it went too farther. According to Jennifer P Schneider, MD, phD states that “addiction to sexual activities can be as destructive as addiction to… Continue reading

Facebook Glitz and Glitch

FACEBOOK is a website, very popular among college students. It was originally developed Mark Zuckerberg ( world’s youngest billionaire with 1,5 billion Dollars) is a Harvard drop out. Launched on February 2004, Mark… Continue reading

Hypersexuality,”Nymphomania” and “Satyriasis”

Hypersexuality is the elevated desire to engage in human sexual behavior at the level high enough for a person to be considered problematic and clinical significant concept of hypersexuality replaces the older concepts… Continue reading

Equal Money For All is a Crap!

Equal Money System for all is a crap, it’s  not the answer to all the sufferings in this world. This ain’t the solution to feed those hungry mouths, uplift the standard of those… Continue reading

Easter Message, Greetings, Text, SMS

Easter Message, greetings, text, SMS Christ left the grave on glorious day, vanquished death and sin, he opened the gate of heaven that we might enter in. Happy Easter to all! Let this… Continue reading