My Wall, My Life, My Rules!!!

Oh man! how can be very riling and insulting when someone feels that they just have to butt in to your wall conversation or react on your wall post full of wrath against you and put you the blame for what you have or don’t have done. Raising up with their own bs issues and teaching what you should do and should not do. For Christ sake! Who do they think they are? They are not my damn master that will make me fall on my knees and do whatever they tell me.

Let me remind you that Facebook wall is a place wherein we talk pretty much of everything and anything we can think of. If you think I’m a pet peeve and sounds ugly to you then let me be, cuz I know you have enough problems of your own to deal with, so don’t multiple it. Always remember that I still have all the power and full control in all I wanted to say and all I we wanted to do. If it has nothing to do with you then shut up!

I’m aware that getting friends to interact with your wall post that you successfully posted is very easy. sometimes we don’t need a hook just to catch their attention and it is expected thus far that they’ll be around to express their position over it disregarding whether you’ll get the right reaction or not.But deep down inside it will be darn great if there are friends to stay on your side and not dang persecute you.

Despite you boost the chance that your main intention will be heard not every one will get the exact meaning of the message that you want to convey or communicate with them. Simply because “this does not guarantee you that you will get the best fish in the sea.” Therefore it is advisable to establish yourself to be open-minded in handling any positive and negative comments. Keep in mind that “you can’t please everybody, so you got to please yourself”.

Since we can all agree to the fact that our Facebook wall is still one of the best social media tool to exercise our freedom of expression in order to spread our message across and cut a swathe in the internet. This doesn’t necessarily give a right for you to insult, humiliate, laugh inappropriately at me or anybody right there, well this douche bag has gone off the deep end.They are damn going way too far to think that they own me and have an access to spin my life away like crazy shit.

… Hey! I’m in the authority and this is my wall, so stop putting yourself in a power struggle with me. I really hatee it! Because indeed I can’t never let you win your bs game. I dun need you to tell me what to say and what to write on my wall and I would never ever permit you either to instruct me to delete my own wall post for your own sake.

You must be dreaming to think I will put my hands up and surrender? aah No way!!!. I don’t owe you anything and I exist in this world without you. Listen, you can’t never make me give up on your shit.

I dun think you would wish for there could be someone like you to come and pester with your wall post the same way you’re pestering me. I dun force you to swallow what I am thinking. And I don’t care how bad you think of me. If you can’t really take it, then find a rope and wrap it around your neck, problem solved!

Dun mess up with me, get it? ” This is my wall, my life, my rules!!!