Does An Expired Poison Can Still Poisoned?

It is mandatory for every companies or manufacturer not to fail to indicate the manufacturing date ( Sell by xx/xx/xx) and the expiration date ( Best if is used by xx/xx/xx) of every products they produce. This indicate  the best way to protect their product consumer and warn their consumer about the product performance and it’s effectiveness. Generally when the a certain product surpassed the given expiration date this offers an adverse effects from seriously stale to slighty changement of  taste, texture and color in compare to the original content. An inadvertently consume products normally delivers various consequence to our health some resulting as being poisonous to our blood and our body, some might even suffer mortality due to food poisoning.

Federal law regulates infant milk formula and baby food. Many states regulate the sale of dairy products with an expiration date. However, milk products generally remains safe to imbibe 7 to 10 days after the date on the label. Fresh meat, poultry and fish should be all cooked within 1 to 2 days of purchase, and should “NEVER” be purchased beyond the “sell by” date. ( These are products that requires to be taken fresh only)

Thus, infant milk formula, baby foods, prescription drugs, over the counter(OTC) medications, and vitamins are strictly not allowed to consumed after the said expiration date.

Does An Expired Poison Can Still Poisoned? What happen to poison when it expires?

The Facts That You Should Know: Basically some poison contain expiration date and some are not. This is to direct the consumer about the effectivity of the product. The expired poison is still poisonous but the grade is lesser.  Furthermore expired poison contained more hideous consequences when accidentally induced.

Be careful in taking or inducing anything to our body particularly to our mouth. BEWARE: Keep out all harmful chemical and injurious substance contents (poison) away from children’s reach. Always refer to the package for the products details and directions. Check the sell by date and the best if it is used by date. See additional precautionary statements and directions for use inside booklet. Be attentive and mindful.