Polyamory: A Filthy game of love

Polyamory (Greek “poly”- meaning many or several,  Latin “amor”-love) is a practice engaging in more than one non-conjugal intimate relationship agreed upon by both parties involved.

Polyamory, often abbreviated to poly, is sometimes described as consensual,
ethical, or responsible non-monogamy. It’s comes as an open relationship in which verily known and transparent, refers to as sexual or romantic relationship that are not sexually exclusive to only one partner.

“Polyamorous” define as the nature of relationship  engage by one person at one point in time. In wikipedia describes as ” It is an umbrella term that covers various forms of multiple relationships; polyamorous arrangements are varied, reflecting the choices and philosophies of the individuals involved”

The Facts That You Should Know: Polyamory or multiple love has no legal restriction for polyamorists bounded by the law. The marital property and assets were settled or agreed upon between the two involved persons only. Polyamory stress that only this following concepts should be discuss and settled are gender equality, free-choice, mutual trust, equal respects, fundamental value for love, secular ideas, ideal of compersion is a term used The term is often expressed as “the opposite of ” jealousy” by practitioners of polyamory or swinger to describe the experience of taking pleasure when one’s partner is with another person.

Numbers of group were formed in United States promoting and supporting  the interest of individuals of multipartner relationships and families. It was estimated a 500,000 polyamorous relationships in the United States since 2009 and numbers of families worldwide are engaging in this filthy game of love, recorded were mostly couples who are tired from monogamous relationship. They can share one house and be in one roof at the same time.

They aren’t base on any religion and they don’t consider having multiple wives but they believe in “ethical nonmonogamy”,  or engaging in loving, intimate relationships with more than one person, openly with knowledge and consent of everyone involved. Those who were involved in polyamorous relationship doesn’t consider casual sex. The method per se is loving more, having variety of partner spice up their sex life and get them out from traditional marital way and boredom.

Some polyamorists are married with multiple love interests, while others practice informal group marriage. Some have group sex and many are bisexual, while  there’s still a series of heterosexual, one-on-one relationships. All fall in “poly” standard. This deviant behavior were condemned by several religious group and rarely acceptable in our society.

Polyamory destroys the fundamental family values by support growing emotional pains of the concerned parties that are not directly involved in this polyamorous relationship like their family, friends and particularly their kids in case. This defaming and disreputing one’s ego and pride in the most selfish way just to achieved personal fulfillment in the emotional and sexual satisfaction. A very unfair, gross, immoral, filthy form of relationship performed by the philanderer and ethical slut. I don’t know what goes in the mind of this uncontented being but I’m absolute that they are sick in some ways and need to be diagnose and to be treated. I totally oppose this  shameful act which I won’t uphold.


~Al mal tiempo, buena cara 🙂