International Friendship Day

The annual celebration of International Friendship Day is held during the First Sunday on every month of August whilst it takes place during the third Sunday of the same Month in other countries. The first International Friendship day was first officially observed at year 1935 in USA.

This festive is traditionally celebrated in honouring for all good friends and all who been a good friend everywhere. This mark a truly special day for all friends, wherein they are all gather together to rejoice and cheerish the good friendship they have.

They exchange sweet memories, greetings, SMS, gifts like Friendship card, flowers, Ecards, friendship token, wrist bands, and many more. It’s easy to gain friends but it’s takes a lifetime finding and keeping it.


In my eyes, I see a friend,
In my thoughts, I think of a friend,
In my sleep, I dream of a friend,
In my heart, I keep a very special friend…
I’ll keep you till the end.

In one’s life new friends come
some friends leave..
Hope you keep me in your heart
as I keep you in mine
I love you friend

Never walk away from true friendship
When you see some faults, be patient
and realize that nobody’s perfect
I’m not a perfect but I can always be
a real friend.

The nominees for a nice friends are
you !
you !!
you !!!
and the winner is
ME! ( cuz I have you)

Friendship is like an investement
It gives you security, happiness, trust
love and care…
Thanks for depositing all this to me
without asking for any investment
Please don’t withdraw!

I’ve nothing much to offer you in this world…
It’s only my lifetime friendship

Now adays, We don’t have the time to have long talks
We don’t have a chance to have a few laughs
but even though our world don’t meet always
remember that I’m your friend for keeps

I can’t find a reason why God gave you to me
But that’s not the question to asked.
Maybe the question is…
How did God knows that I’ would be happy
to have someone like YOU.

There could never be someone
who could take the place
I have saved for you in my heart
even if time would bring someone new
my heart would refuse to let go
the sweet love and friendship
I have with you

Even if I don’t see you!
even if we have
L- Talks
E- hello
S- stories
S- greeetings
Always remember my CARE…
will never be Less
Take care.

Many friends will walk in and out of your life
but only those who are true
will leave footprints in your heart…

Frienship voucher: This entitles you to
an unlimited amount of
Expiry date: ?
as long as I am alive

Friendship is not how long
you’ve been together
not how much you’ve
given or received
but how many times
you’ve help each other
It’s how you remember
one another.

If you need a shoulder to cry on
mine is for free
no cover charge
no service charge
no government taxes
just pure
love and care
just inform me

Nice people will be remembered
as special blessings
and there are very few
as precious as you
and that’s the very reason why
I keep in touch with you!

I keep your name in my journal
and posted you in the ledger of my heart
You’ll be classifies as an assets
cuz your market value
as a friend
never depreciates.

Good friendship
Doesn’t need everyday conversations
Doesn’t always need togetherness
as long as the relationship
live in the heart
True frienship will never be apart

Friendship is like investment
it gives you

Friends are like angels
who lift us to our feet
when our wings have trouble
remind us how to fly.

A friend is an angel
some that’s true
an angel that I love
and who loves me too
someone who cares in everything I do
a friend
an angel to me
and that is

Happy friendship day to all my friends and to all the friends out there!
(specially to mi amor Jonathan, mi hermano Goodrich y hermana Dove, my bestfriend Joy and my good friend Jelle. Thankie for being a part of my life.)