How to Swag at the Party?

In attending to any get-together or any social gathering with bigger crowd or a social event hosted by your peers or constituents. Don’t show-off an excessive flirtatious and haughty act. Walk merely straight up with level-head not too hastily or undecisive. Spend your time to people you’re comfy with not into spotting for girls or guys like a hungry bastard looking for a prey. It’s a reputation put on the line. Don’t broadcast that you’re desperate ethical slut or philanderer nor a sex machine. Maintain proper values and conduct right on. Hold right there and just wait securely for if someone get’s interested in you he’ll surely find a way.

Don’t push yourself too hard, wait to be properly introduce especially if you’re a girl whilst if you’re a guy never stick with the image of putting best foot forward. It’s much commendable to have someone to do the personal channeling. If there is nobody who will gonna do the honor, then it is already your personal business to take care of with gentlemanliness and confidence. Goodluck.

Observed the proper dress code not too revealing or lousy. Don’t wear too strong perfume. Don’t slouch, keep up the good posture. Don’t give a damn bad look or a seducing slutty look, just have an accomodating congenial face. Don’t be too loud, avoid dirty talks or toilet humors. Don’t laugh out loud or cause any unwanted commotion just to catch an attention of all the people there in the party.

Never ever come too early or too late. It’s a big no, no to come with flying colors nor taking the center stage. Forget the drama and just be yourself.

To swag means is your overall self-confidence and how you carry yourself. If you work with your ass off to be the Mr. and Ms. Demeanor that day, I’m sure you’ll earn more point sytems among your peers and from the crowd. You’ll see everything fall in the right place for you have the world at your feet.