Beryl Kickinger Internet Terminology

Internet Terminologies

Beryl Kickinger most proposed Internet terminologies. Interface between digital age and the masses. Your humble apparently comes out with the wonderful selection of Internet terms which I coined the definition.

i-Brother – It is typically a title address to a male person considering as your brother in internet. i- Sister (female)

i-Drug– It is a drug being offered through the means or by means of internet; idoser is experimental sound drug that can make you high.
To simply define someone who is under weeds, any other kind of chemicals during interaction in the net.

i-Drunk– when someone is stupefied or intoxicated by alcohol while joining any interactive chat or sending electronic mails.

i-Friend– This is a good way to address those friends whom you meet or acquire through net.

i-Gift– This is the gift that you received or you bestowed via notification, through your wall or inbox. Gifts that you basically enjoy exchanging in any social network.

i-Hug– It is a hug done online or wire. It’s a form of expressing one feelings and sentiments. Another form of reaching out.

i-Kiss– Like i-Hug, it is a form of expressing one’s strong emotion that evokes different affection like, friendly, hot, sexy, hello or goodbye kiss and it comes from different sounds such as muah, mwah, kiss, muchie, chuppah, mwaks, and many more.

i-Married– These two couples who were united that mostly manifested in social networking site as the relationship status of two adults. Indication of being husband and wife in the net.

i-People– These are masses or populace that comprises the internet world. These are the group of fellow chatter, gamer, blogger, and many others who compose the interactive world.

i-Sex– It is a virtual sex done or performed in the internet. They get pleasure by sexing by the means of messaging or cam.

i-Siblings– Considering your closest i-Friend or IRL or in real life friend as siblings in any social network most prevalent in Facebook relationship status.


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