Duckface epidemic overstated- can overkill, eeksie youchie!

Duckface epidemic is widespread and it’s also prevailing in the leading social network like Facebook, Myspace, Orkut and many more ooosh and even almost everywhere . ohmahgosh! It’s really sickening and frustrating were being overloaded with duckface mania,  It sucks! It’s becoming malignant already resulting from a bad habit and mannerism of those girlo out there. They stubbornly doing it. Jutting out their bottom lip, like push them both out, making their lips look like a duck . Why? cuz they wanna draw some attention that they have sexy pouting lips, ewwie.  It’s ain’t a crime girls but for real for real, it’s ain’t cool as shit! You look like a trying hard sexy biatch. To be honest you just looked like a flirt, and you ain’t alluring and hottie anymore for you look absofuckinlutely ugly and desperate eeksie youch! When it’s overly stated, its tend to overkill. The bottomline of this, people around you are sooo burn out with those ducky face look, another thing is it’s ain’t pleasing anymore. So why not quit it. And just act naturally!

Celebs who are a victim of duckface epidemic

Miley Cyrus


Lindsay Lohan


Hilary Duff


Eva Mendes


Jessica Biel


Ashlee Simpson- Wentz

Mary Kate Olsen

Jennifer Lopez

Angelina Jolie


Are you are duckface victim? state your stand about this leading epidemic, join and leave your comments.