The “art of sensual massage”

The Facts that you should know: Sensual massage is the use of technique to achieve or stimulate sexual arousal. It strengthen the bond of couples, promotes intimacy and closeness and it’s very romantic. This form of massage is strictly not being offered in any spa, thus only therapeutic massage is the offered service by the therapist.

Sensual massage aims to relax, at the same time is to set your partner into mood. It is best work with aromatic or scented oil ( applicable if your partner is not asthmatic). Hands plays the essential role, it’s your “magic touch” that can stimulate his senses. It is best work with hands and fingers and a lot of pressing, rubbing, kneading, stroking, raking and pounding gently. Caress his skin to bring his blood into surface. Through this way a blood circulation and relaxation can be achieved. There are a lot of nerve endings that can trigger his sexual urge. Touch is the most effective way and the best formula in performing sensual massage.

Start massaging by pouring a little amount of oil onto the palms of your hands, create a friction by rubbing your two palms together until it brings about into warm before applying it to your partners skin. Focus more on his stressed area like his lower back and buttocks for man and upper back and nape for woman. Start pressing, stroking caressing making small circles on this area. Concentrate also in giving relieve to his back, nape, shoulder, then take more time with his thighs, be artfully stroke him even to his most innermost thighs, near the groin. I’m sure your partner would indulge for more and he would even asked you to work further with his stimulated part ( his/her genitals) This would initially driven his needs for more attention this a good sign to nurture his stimulated part. Then finally asked him to take a deep breath as you gently caressing, stroking his nape, neck and ear. Then kiss him, this will prelude to the next level, the lovemaking.

It is suggestive to learn this “art of sensual massage“, use your creativity and your senses to nestled your partner with the work of your hands.