Sir, I Want to Marry your Daughter

Given this privilege I want to share to you all a very short but interesting story about the two lovers who were very eager to tie a knot.

The couple namely Blake and Crest have been in a serious relationship for more than two years. Since then their love grows surprisingly big, their hearts were filled with overflowing love for each other. No single day they want to be apart from each other. Until one day they finally decide to make their relationship last forever by settling down and building their own family.

Blake bravely went to see Crest dad and asked for her hand, Blake politely said, “Sir, I want to marry your daughter”. Crest dad responded right away, “you’re not yet ready, ermm come back next year”.

Another year passed…

Blake thinks that he is already capable of meeting Crest dad, for he got a stable career along with that is his matured thinking in handling his own family and he felt much prepared than the last year.
This time Blake come to see Crest dad for the second time and he courageously utter in pleading voice, ” Sir, I want to marry your daughter Crest, please” …Crest dad’s said, “But still you’re not yet ready young man, just come back again next year”.

Blake was pounding it hard in his self. Thinking in what sense he done wrong and in what field he is still lacking? For all he knew that he is more than ready enough. He is so much confident that Crest dad will allow him to marry his daughter but he still a missed out.

After a lot of digging and pounding he finally derived for an answer.
The time has arrived. Blake stomach is rumbling and he is shaking inside, he thinks he lost his nerve to say a word but then fire of love is burning alive in his heart. He looked straight to Crest dad’s eyes and for the third time and he earnestly wish it would be the “right time” he said ” Sir, if you would allow me and your daughter Crest decided to get marry this year”
Crest dad said “sure you and my daughter can get marry this year”.

Crest dad continue..
“I give you the blessing and finally you realize young man that getting married is not just a matter of because you ‘want’ it but because you both agreed “.

At last Blake hit the right note and made it. He learn a lot from his experience that he should be careful in choosing the word and that the real essence of getting married is not just because he ‘want’ it but because ‘they mutually agree to be together.’

Marrying is a mutual decision between the man and the woman. It’s binding of two hearts by means or church or states. It’s collaborated with sense of responsibility. It’s not like a soup that you can spit whenever your tongue feels hot. This envelops a very tough and serious decision making. Once you get in, don’t think of a way of getting out. It’s a new phase in life which gives the two people a new room to improve. So as a couple never expect but instead support and understand one another. I hope you can pick up something from the story I relate today.


~Al mal tiempo, buena cara 🙂